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Daily Luxury Vinyl Care

Luxury vinyl floors offer inherent moisture protection which makes them incredibly easy to care for. Simply place doormats outside all the entrances to your home and add area rugs in your rooms to catch the dirt and grime from entering your home. The best tool for cleaning your vinyl flooring daily is a microfiber cloth, Swiffer, or mop. A broom is also handy but can push debris across the floor rather than lifting it off the floor. Put all heavy furniture on felt or nylon pads to avoid scratches on your vinyl flooring and use a dolly when moving heavy pieces of furniture to prevent marks.

Vinyl Dirt Removal | William Ryan Flooring & Supplies

Dirt & Debris

Dirt and debris particles underfoot get ground into the vinyl plank flooring over time and can cause scratches. You need to remove these abrasive offenders as much as possible. Sweep your floors regularly but consider using an electrostatic dry mop at the end of each day to pick up any dust or pet dander that your broom misses. We recommend avoiding vacuum cleaners with a beater bar that can potentially scratch your floor. Robot vacuum cleaners will generally be safe for use on vinyl plank floors, though you should always check your manufacturer’s recommendations before using them.

Vinyl Stain Removal | William Ryan Flooring & Supplies

Spills & Stains

Spills will eventually happen on vinyl floors, but simply wipe them up using a damp sponge and use warm water to loosen stuck-on stains. When finished, wipe thoroughly with a clean, damp cloth to remove the excess. Since vinyl is a waterproof material, you can actually mop your luxury vinyl flooring when needed for an efficient deep cleaning! If you mop in the direction of your planks, your cleaning will be even more effective. Tremendously easy to maintain, luxury vinyl floors are an excellent option for an active home with kids and pets where spills and stains can occur frequently.