Area Rug CARE &

Daily Area Rug Care

Regular vacuuming or shaking outside will always be the best area rug care step that you can take! When it comes to daily area rug care, preventative measures will go a long way in preserving the stellar appearance of your soft surfaces. First, use mats at all entranceways to reduce the amount of dirt, mud, ice slush, and any other abrasive particles entering the household. Have guests remove footwear before walking on your rugs as well. Keep all pet nails and claws trim to reduce snags, brush pets regularly to reduce pet dander, and complete house-training before pets live on area rugs.

Area Rug Maintenance | William Ryan Flooring & Supplies

Dirt & Debris

It’s imperative to remove loose dirt and debris regularly from your area rugs! Removing particles from the rug surface will prevent abrasion, damage to the finish, and maintain a bright appearance. Vacuum at least once a week and take special care when vacuuming around the edges, especially if your rug features fringes. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar to prevent scratches on delicate rug fibers and check your rug manufacturer’s recommendations before investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. If your rug does not allow for vacuuming, take your rugs outdoors and shake loose any dirt and debris.

Area Rug Spill Care | William Ryan Flooring & Supplies

Spills & Stains

When a spilled drink or knocked-over plate hits your area rug, there’s no need to panic! Clean any spills immediately after they happen to prevent permanent stains from forming. Never scrub a spill to avoid grinding the stain deeper into the rug, simply blot a soft cloth with warm water in the direction of the rug fibers. Always consult your rug manufacturer's recommendations to make sure any gentle, approved cleaner won't harm the color or fibers in your rug. We recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned if visible stains do not come up, if you notice an odor from your rug, or to restore your rug’s attractive appearance.