Is Carpet Right For My Room?

If you want to capture soft beauty and undeniable warmth in your room, then you certainly need to explore different carpet styles! With attractive shades, impressive fibers, constructions, and plush piles, carpet adds supreme luxury that helps you unwind every day. When you invest in high-quality carpet, you add premium comfort to your home and appeal to prospective homebuyers down the line. There’s only one place to go for gorgeous carpet in China Grove, and that’s to visit the carpet experts in the stunning William Ryan Flooring & Supplies showroom!

The Best Carpet Brands In China Grove, NC

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At William Ryan Flooring & Supplies, we offer Roomvo's cutting-edge technology to help eliminate the guesswork commonly associated with purchasing new flooring. Whether you’re interested in carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate, or even an area rug, Roomvo allows you to see whatever product you want in whatever room you want it in with just a few simple clicks. Simply upload a photo of your room, tap to select a flooring product, and see it instantly in your space! It's time to shop more confidently with Roomvo.

Carpet Inspiration

From traditional and formal aesthetics to contemporary and modern room layouts, carpets will anchor your preferred theme effortlessly. Different carpet textures and patterns will offer visual appeal that works for your project and completes the look that you desire. Explore how you can use various carpet constructions such as loop, cut pile, cut-and-loop pile, Berber, and more to enhance your design. As you gather your favorite ideas, explore our Carpet Inspiration Gallery to see how other homeowners and interior designers are using engaging soft carpet to craft unforgettable room scenes.

Carpet Installation | William Ryan Flooring & Supplies

Carpet Installation

We are the carpet installation experts in China Grove! In order to help you prepare for your new floors, we will outline what to expect before, during, and after the carpet installation process. Whether it’s taking the time to prep your subfloor or establishing proper ventilation, these valuable steps help ensure the best results. Also, you will experience less displacement and inconvenience in your household by understanding the full scope of the new installation.

Carpet Care | William Ryan Flooring & Supplies

Carpet Care & Maintenance

There’s no shortage of opportunities for dropped food, knocked-over drinks, and pet accidents to occur in the average active household. However, with proper care and maintenance, your soft carpet will handle the adventures and stay spotless for decades. It starts with regular care that removes abrasive particles from your carpet surface. You will also need to know how to clean spills properly, and remove dried stains as needed. We can help you learn all the best practices: